Got the Urge to Turn that Odd-looking Old Building You Saw Into a Restaurant?

An Arizona Rehab Loan may be the best answer for you.

The term ‘Arizona Rehab Loan can be described as an umbrella that covers several types of loans, mostly concentrated on three things: the purchase price of the property; the costs of needed renovations; the market-ready value of property following the work. In most instances, re-sale is done within a 12-month period to repay the original loan. Ideally this is done at a profit to the borrower, who now has experience, field contacts and money in his pocket. These loans also are dispensed under various titles that have one of more nuances or conditions that differ from each other.

Even the lenders—both hard money and private –have their varying terms and conditions that set them apart despite the titles being used interchangeably, both in print and conversation. Private lenders center on the borrower’s credit, collateral and their ability to repay the loan. Hard money funding sees the collateral as the first in line for payback in case of a default by the borrower.

Some examples of these types of funding, along with the usual type lender, are described below.

  1. Renovation loans cover several areas of lending, but all boil down to one thing—the lender is applying for funding to renovate a property that will have a higher market value when s/he is finished with repairs than it had at the initial purchase. Common names for this loan include reno, rehabilitation and fix-and-flip.

Hard Money Lenders are commonly used in this type of funding.

  1. Existing Arizona Construction Loan, while similar to regular Arizona Rehab Loans, are not exactly the same thing. Yes, you are changing the face of an existing property, but it normally involves set specifications and detailed floor plans. The lender will probably have the say-so on approval of a builder, while the borrower is allowed to choose their own contractor.

Most lenders for this type loan fall under the definition of private investors.
3. Bridge loans (generally done to cover interim financing needs) are pretty well defined by what the borrower wants to do with the property and cover several areas, besides the usual types, including ones for owner-occupied residential properties when the borrower is in most instances using the funding to repair their personal residence. Non-owner occupied loans are generally funding used to repair rental property that is currently occupied by tenants. Commercial property can fall into this category as well when the funding applicant will be using money to repair their own business or another for re-sale later.

This funding is generally handled by private lenders.

When pursuing an Arizona Rehab Loan, try to find a lender that can and will cover costs of purchase and repair in single package. This saves the time and effort put into applying for a second loan later on and you will already know the individual or company that you originally work with in the beginning. Smaller local lenders can work well with unique situations and have more flexibility, but larger firms have access to more funding.

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